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'The Sweetest Thing': 10-Year-Old Phillies Fan Goes Viral For Giving Foul Ball To Crying Girl

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A 10-year-old boy is getting a lot of attention for what he did at Wednesday night's Phillies game. Philadelphia sports fans sometimes get a bad reputation, but Eyewitness News set out Thursday to find two fans from Wednesday night's Phillies game whose heartwarming story is working to change that.

The touching moment from Wednesday night's Phillies game that has the whole city buzzing.

A foul ball was hit down the third-base line where 10-year-old Aaron Pressley was sitting with his dad.

"I'm following the ball and I see it hit the ground, so I went to go grab it and it was just exciting," Aaron said.

Aaron, a huge Philly sports fan, was celebrating his souvenir when he noticed the young girl sitting next to him.

"I look over and I see the girl, she's crying," he said.

That pint-size fan is 7-year-old Emma Brady.

"A guy, he catched the ball and I tried to get it, but he was too quick," Emma said. "I cried because I fell on my leg."

That's when this happened.

"He came up to me and gave it to me," Emma said.

Aaron handed the baseball to Emma.

"I was like it just didn't feel right having the ball and knowing that somebody is crying so I had to just give it to her," Aaron said.

Emma's dad described the kind moment.

"He came right over without hesitation. He saw her for a moment and without even thinking, he just turned and handed her the ball. It was the sweetest thing," Patrick Brady, Emma's father said.

"She was just so polite, and she said thank you and we had to just take a picture together," Aaron said.

Aaron may not have gone home with the game ball but says the experience taught him two lessons he hopes every Phillies fan will remember.

"Be nice to people because not a lot of people in this world are nice," Aaron said.

And, just in case...

"I'll probably remember to bring my glove this time," Aaron said.

The Phillies found Aaron and gave him another baseball so he didn't go home empty-handed.

Emma's family also bought him a gift certificate to pick up some Phillies gear for his next night out at the park.

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