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Phillies' Ballpark To Offer New Variants on an Old Favorite This Season

By Mike DeNardo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- It's debatable whether the Phillies will be contenders this season. But among the new food offerings at Citizens Bank Park is a "can't-miss" prospect.

The bacon dog -- a hot dog with a slab of bacon and melted cheese (top photo) -- is among the new Phillies' ballpark food offerings this year.

It's one of several varieties of the classic baseball food now in their rookie year, says Aramark general manager Kevin Tedesco:

"The hot dog is by far... it's like movie theatre popcorn! You've got to get one when you're at the ballpark. So as you saw today, a lot of variations of the classic Phillies frank. You can get a cheesesteak dog, the summer dog is back on a pretzel roll, and obviously the chili and cheese."


dogs _denardo
(Cheesesteak dogs, left, and "summer" dogs, right. Photo by Mike DeNardo)


Other new foods include pastrami, an "Over Easy" burger topped with a fried egg, and even a bucket of mussels at Harry the K's.

One food not making the roster this season is the ballpark panini. It's outta here!

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