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Phillie Phanatic, Jay Wright Surprise Jurors At Criminal Justice Center

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Hundreds got a few big surprises after reporting for jury duty in Philadelphia this morning.

In Room 101 at the Criminal Justice Center prospective jurors gather. And on this day, to kick off "Juror Appreciation Week" performing his civic duty...

(credit: Tim Jimenez)

"Everyone can serve. Even the Phillie Phanatic is here!"

The Phanatic, with his trademark kisses and high fives, was joined by Villanova basketball head coach Jay Wright.

"People that are successful in life find a way to make it a habit to do the right thing. Do the things that most people complain about."

Court of Common Pleas President Judge Sheila Woods-Skipper says Wright's message was a slam dunk. It focused on teamwork.

"That really is what it's all about. Doing your part. Being serious about the role you have in understanding the important part that it plays in our system."

Court officials also announced free coffee and donuts, once a staple for prospective jurors, would return after a years long absence.

Officials say nearly half of those (45 percent) who get a summons don't respond in the city and they're trying to bring that number down.

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