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Philadelphia's Tourism Agency Hosts Bloggers' Tour

By Melony Roy

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation hosted a group of social-media-savvy bloggers this weekend, inviting them to explore Philadelphia's neighborhoods and describe their impressions in words and pictures.

 The travel bloggers, from all over the country, explored the 14 areas highlighted in the GPTMC "Philadelphia Neighborhoods" campaign.

"I had been to Philadelphia twice before and had done the very tourist side of Philadelphia," says Erin Musich, who writes the blog The World Wanderer, "and with this trip I was able to do the neighborhoods and really feel what it was like to be a local and really see the other side.  And I loved it."

Bloggers explored the city independently through a themed itinerary of their choosing.

"I went to Honey's Sit & Eat (restaurant), and then from there we walked down South Street and I stopped at Magpies for an apple pie shake, which was delicious, and then we continued down to Philadelphia's Magic Gardens.  From there we turned on Ninth Street and went to the Italian Market."

GPTMC says the goal is to have these influential bloggers create their own content about Philadelphia's neighborhoods and share them on a variety of social platforms.

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