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Philadelphia's Most Outrageous Sandwiches

Forget Pat's and Geno's, this sandwich battle is between the biggest, baddest and most gluttonous creations in the Philadelphia area. If you're looking for enough meat, cheese and fat to fell a horse, check out our list of the craziest local sandwich concoctions. –Chelsea Karnash

Village Whiskey Burger

Whiskey King Burger, $26

Village Whiskey
118 S. 20th St.
Philadelphia, Pa.

Compared to Adsum's Kandy Kake sliders, pretty much any sandwich seems tame, but the Whiskey King Burger is anything but. An 8-oz. burger is topped with blue cheese, bacon and maple-bourbon glazed cippolini…plus a thick slab of foie gras. While there's no question of getting down this delicious meat smorgasbord, what you might not be able to stomach is the $26 price tag. Not for the faint of heart or the short on cash.

The BRGR Joint

OMG BRGR, Price varies

The BRGR Joint
1011 W. Lancaster Ave.
Bryn Mawr, Pa.

Bryn Mawr's the BRGR Joint has an extensive list of yummy burgers, but the key number here is 11, because that's the highest number of patties you can request on the gut-busting OMG BRGR. If you're crazy enough to order all eleven and immediate cardiac arrest doesn't ensue, consider yourself very lucky. And multiple pounds heavier.

Tony Luke's
(File photo)

Ultimate Philly Cheesesteak, $43

Tony Luke's
39 E. Oregon Ave.
Philadelphia, Pa.

If you've ever set foot in the Philadelphia area, you've probably heard of Tony Luke's. Travel Channel frequenters might also remember an episode of "Man v. Food" that aired circa fall '09, featuring the eatery and its gargantuan, nearly two-foot long sandwich, complete with six piles of steak and cheese and a plethora of fried onions. Guess what? The gluttonous grinder is still available, for the hefty price of nearly forty-five bucks.

Philly Surf 'n Turf

Philadelphia Surf n' Turf,

Johnny's Hots
1234 N. Delaware Ave.
Philadelphia, Pa.

Johnny's Hots has moved from a ramshackle shanty to a brand-spanking new place on Delaware Avenue, but other than that, not much has changed. And that's a good thing, because lovers of the eatery's oddest concoction, affectionately known as the "Philadelphia Surf n' Turf," would be none too pleased. Composed of a mash up of a fish-cake and a hot dog served up in a hot dog bun, the Surf n' Turf might not be the bastion of gluttony that some of the other sandwiches on this list are, but it's definitely, um, unique.

The Annihilator Challenge, $36

Tony's Family Restaurant
623 Schuylkill Rd.
Phoenixville, Pa.

The only things this challenge will annihilate are your weight loss plan, your cholesterol levels, and possibly, your bowels. Picture over five pounds of roast beef or pork, slathered with cheese and horseradish, and sandwiched between a giant one-pound Vienna bun. Oh, and don't forget the 1.5 pounds of onion rings on the side. Finish all of it—an impossible feat, for sure—and you eat for free.


The Enemy, $25

Buddy's West Chester
11 West Gay St.
West Chester, Pa.

Buddy's Exton
122 Woodcutter St.
Exton, Pa.

Like the Annihilator, the Enemy is aptly named and sounds virtually impossible to defeat. Sixteen beef patties, 16 slices of cheese and 8 strips of bacon are served on two buns, alongside an artery-clogging "side dish" of cheese fries. Finish this stomach-clenching array (under 25 minutes, of course), and you'll get a free t-shirt and a picture of your face, post-feast, on the wall of the restaurant. Your meal will also be free, but it's quite possible you'll be slammed with some additional costs…for bypass surgery.

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