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Philadelphians Forced To Dig Out After Snow Freezes Over

By Tim Jimenez and Jan Carabeo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Digging out and getting around was rough this morning in Philadelphia.

Natasha Serrano, of Lawncrest, had a feeling that Old Man Winter wouldn't go quietly this year.

"I said it was too good to be true."

It took Natasha's husband and a neighbor everything they had to push her car out of its spot.

While driving through the neighborhoods, spinning wheels, like that of a van on Monastery Avenue at Ridge in Roxborough, was a common sound.

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Good Samaritans came out, digging away at the snow, pushing the van to try to help the driver get back on her way.

Then, in Manayunk, a the tight squeeze through the neighborhood was even tighter.

Vinny, clearing a sidewalk, was trying to get rid of the ice.

"It's like chipping away at concrete. It's rough. You get a little bit each time. That's it."

Those who dug out yesterday fared best. Others found themselves fighting a heavy, wet snow that turned to ice. Bitter cold temperatures overnight refroze what the storm left behind.

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Vinny was exhausted, but kept on chiseling away. He had warm thoughts to last week.

"I was riding my motorcycle Friday. And here we go days later, I'm chopping ice."

In the meantime, Philadelphia school children headed back to class on time this morning. Parents were surprised at the announcement, as the streets were still snow-covered and sidewalks slippery.

Pamela Eversley, of Lawncrest, says, "I was like 'oh my gosh, look at the ice,' But I'm going to try to make it."

Pamela's son just hopes he won't have to shovel again before spring.

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