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Philadelphia Zoo Throws Birthday Bash For 'Coldilocks' The Polar Bear

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The Philadelphia Zoo threw a birthday bash Thursday for the oldest polar bear in the country. The celebration was more than just a party.

A crowd gathered to sing happy birthday to Coldilocks. At 37 years old, she is and the oldest polar bear in captivity in the United States.

And what's a birthday party without a cake? Keepers made one fit for a polar bear.

(credit: CBS)

"They put it all together frozen so it stays together," said Donna Evernham, curator of Carnivores and Ungulates. It has fish, peanut butter, carrots, I see raisins that are making 37, bear chow, a lot of Coldilocks' favorites."

The polar bear serves as an ambassador, educating visitors about climate change and environmental protection.

"It's all about lowering our carbon footprint," Evernham said, "which involves our power use, our car use, our gas use, and recycling, and that directly affects global warming and it directly affects polar bears."

Polar bears are listed as vulnerable on the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

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