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Philadelphia Zoo Asking For Public's Help To Name 3 Ankole-Watusi Cattle

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The Philadelphia Zoo is welcoming three new animals this week. For the first time ever, the Philadelphia Zoo will have three Ankole-Watusi on display in the African Plains exhibit. 

Ankole, which are known as "Cattle of Kings," are renowned for their massive crescent lyre-shaped horns that measure up to 8-feet-wide. They continue to grow as the animal ages and eventually weigh up to 15 pounds each, according to a release. 

The Ankole are native to East Africa and are descendants of an ancient breed of cattle that lived in the Nile Valley around 4000 BC. They were traditionally considered sacred and supplied milk, and only rarely meat, as an owner's wealth was counted in livestock.

Philadelphia Zoo Welcomes 3 Ankole-Watusi For First Time Ever

The Ankole are gentle in nature and can weigh between 1,200 and 1,600 pounds. 

The Philadelphia Zoo is also asking for the public's help to name the three Ankole. Click here to vote on choices narrowed down by the zoo's staff.

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