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Philadelphia Woman Teaching Next Generation Of Stylists With Junior Beauty Boot Camp

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- It's a boot camp unlike many others -- and it's not about breaking a sweat. It's about making people beautiful and was developed by a small business owner who wants to reach the next generation.

The Beaute Box Salon is located in West Oak Lane and owner Lauren B is taking the time out of her busy day to teach the next generation of stylists.

It's part of a new Beauty Boot Camp for kids 8 to 17 years old.

And if you think they're too young to know what they want to do with their lives, think again.

"It's my dream to do hair, makeup and nails," said 9-year-old Kyleigh Reid.

"I knew what I wanted to do my whole life," Lauren said. "Not only did I want to be a hairstylist, I wanted to be a business owner."

But, growing up, before Lauren went to college for business and beauty school for her cosmetology license, she had to teach herself.

"There were no programs for hair and that's what made me come up with the idea for Beauty Boot Camp," Lauren said. "I wanted to give back to the community and teach the girls all the things I didn't get to learn."

Starting the last weekend in May, Ms. Lauren - as she's known to her students - will launch her junior boot camp.

She'll teach the skills, and the students will get to take home a full beauty kit. The kit is complete with a mannequin head and flat irons.

"When they leave here, they are masters. They know everything," Lauren said.

"Thanks, dad -if he sees this," former student Ray'ven Roberts said. "He found Ms. Lauren for me, put me in the boot camp and I loved it."

Some of Ms. Lauren's former students are so popular now, they can't even fit their teacher in for an appointment but that's a joyful problem to have.

"It's a huge deal," Lauren said. To see my girls leave my program and actually become successful entrepreneurs, it's amazing. Just to know that I built them up to what they've become today, it's amazing."

They are following a passion just like Ms. Lauren did and ending up with a livelihood that makes you feel something even the youngest can explain.

"Happy. Excited," 8-year-old Abbi Washington said.

Now, Lauren B's Junior Beauty Boot Camp is already filling up fast.

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