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Philadelphia Urges Businesses To Hire Ex-Offenders

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Philadelphia city officials are again urging local businesses to hire ex-offenders so they don't end up back in prison.

The occasion was the release of a new study touting the economic benefits of hiring ex-offenders.

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"It is much safer, it is much more cost effective, to have to figure out how to take on the challenge of those who have a previous criminal record," said Mayor Michael Nutter (at lectern in photo).

Also making the case was the Philadelphia district attorney, Seth Williams (standing at right).

"This study shows that there has to be a real partnership, that people have to give people a second chance," Williams said.

The report was written by the Economy League of Greater Philadelphia.  It found, among other things, relatively low participation in "PREP," a city program begun last year that gives firms tax credits for hiring ex-offenders.

Reported by KYW City Hall bureau chief Mike Dunn

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