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Philadelphia trauma centers make preparations ahead of Sunday

Philadelphia hospitals prepping ahead of Super Bowl Sunday
Philadelphia hospitals prepping ahead of Super Bowl Sunday 02:15

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Eagles Nation is hoping for a repeat from 2018. The city is craving Broad Street energy this weekend and looking forward to crowds pouring into the streets to celebrate another Eagles victory. 

But there's also a reason for concern. Amidst all the excitement, there's room for injuries. 

For example, this is what happened when people climbed into a canopy that collapsed.

"There's definitely a million possibilities of ways someone could end up in the ER. But we'll be ready for whatever it is," Dr. Sean McGann said. 

McGann, an emergency physician at Jefferson Hospital, says the level one trauma center is prepared for whatever might happen Sunday night. 

"We're making sure we're fully staffed and then we always have a disaster preparedness plan to bring in additional staff if needed," McGann said.

After the NFC championship in Philly, emergency medical services responded to 54 game-related injuries, 31 of which were transported to area hospitals.

This includes some who climbed on top of a SEPTA shelter and ended up crashing into the street when the top collapsed. 

"We're kind of always prepared for the worst," McGann said. "The Super Bowl heightens the stakes of that."

He says there's also an increased risk of heart attacks for people with heart disease following the excitement of the game. 

"In a game of this sort we might see more alcohol-related injuries and intoxication things like that," McGann said.

Yes, Philly is known for our postgame pole climbers. But most Eagles fans just want to celebrate safely. 

McGann has seen this firsthand.

"I live in Center City and I was on Broad Street after the last game with my three-year-old and everybody was super happy. I didn't see anyone misbehaving," McGann said. "For the most part, everyone is happy and just wants to see our team win."

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