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Philadelphia Starts Spending On DNC

By Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Philadelphia Police plan to buy an armored vehicle for security during the Democratic National Convention in July.

The vehicle is among $27 million in spending approved by a city council committee today.

The city has received $43 million from the Justice Department for convention security. The transfer ordinance the council committee approved allows them to start using it.

Besides the armored vehicle, expenses that deputy finance director Anna Adams expects by the end of this fiscal year June 30th include a secure bus system for delegates, parking lot rental at the stadiums and supplies for police such as cell phones, bicycles and hazmat suits.

"We're not sure whether we can spend all of that $27 million this year, so some of that may roll over into FY17 but we wanted to have the ability to spend some of that in advance of the DNC coming."

Council members- burnt by the late discovery that the Pope's visit cost taxpayers $8 million- sought assurance any spending that exceeds the grant will be reimbursed.

Officials said a contract with the convention and host committees does that, as long as the committees have the money.

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