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Man Arrested After Allegedly Stabbing Mother, 2 Young Sons In Mayfair: Philadelphia Police

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Philadelphia Police have made an arrest in connection to a triple stabbing in Mayfair that left a mother and her two sons injured on Sunday. The incident happened on the 3200 block of Knorr Street around 2 p.m.

Police say about two hours after the attack, the man attempted to turn himself in at the 15th District in Lawndale, but that facility is currently under construction. Police units arrived at his location and took the man to Frankford-Torresdale Hospital and a positive ID was made. The man's identity is not known at this time.

Neighbors told Eyewitness News the man who turned himself in casually walked away carrying a backpack after committing the brutal attack, leaving a mother fighting for her life and her two young sons badly injured.

Police say a 37-year-old woman was stabbed multiple times throughout her body and placed in critical condition at Frankford-Torresdale.

The second victim, a 15-year-old boy, was stabbed twice in the back of his head. A 10-year-old boy was stabbed once in the back of his head and once in his left leg, according to officials. They're both in stable condition.

Witnesses say the boys told them they were stabbed as they tried to protect their mom. 

 "They said he was stabbing the mom and the kids came down to help and that's how they got stabbed," a neighbor said. 

CBS3 spoke to a neighbor who didn't want to be identified but was in her driveway when the boys ran into the alley moments after being stabbed. 

"When the second kid came running out, he was covered in blood from like head all the way down to his stomach," the neighbor said.

A few seconds later, the children told neighbors the man who attacked their mom followed them outside. They also said he was a co-worker of their mom. 

"The guy came out, I didn't know what he was going to do, if he was going to try to attack them again," the neighbor said. "So I said, 'Run, run, run, inside my house.' So we all ran inside my basement."

The neighbor says as she was hustling the kids and herself inside, she glanced back to see if the suspect was following them.

"He just turned around, he looked at us, and just casually walked away," she said. 

Once safe in the basement, she called 911, and the boys pleaded with her to check on their mom a few doors away.

"I just called out and said, 'Ma'am, ma'am, ma'am.' And she came stumbling down the steps," the neighbor said.

CBS3's Alicia Roberts contributed to this story.

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