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Philadelphia School District Principals Attend Training On Anti-Bullying Policy

By Mike DeNardo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Principals in Philadelphia will gather at Fels High School today, to be trained on the district's anti-bullying policy.

The district's anti-harassment policy says if any school staffer sees an instance of bullying, he or she is obligated to report it to a designated person, who is then required to investigate.

Volunteer attorneys are training Philadelphia principals on the rules today, says the district's assistant general counsel, Diane Sher, "The policies are way more than just saying, 'Bullying is bad. Don't bully.'  So, we're giving them the tools to really understand and implement the policies in all their schools."

The training is organized by the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations. The commission's chair, Kay Kyungsun Yu, says 20 volunteer attorneys will train the principals. "They will be taught that, when any instance of bullying or harassment is witnessed by any adult in a school, they have an affirmative obligation to report to a particular designated staff member."

The program grew out of the commission's recommendations, following hearings on the 2009 violence at South Philadelphia High School.

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