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Philadelphia School District Helping First-Year Teachers Learn 'Philly Slang' In New Handbook

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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - The School District of Philadelphia wants to help first-year teachers get acquainted with "Philly slang."

The school district has released a "First year teacher handbook."

The handbook, which was written by high school students from the Office of Student Leadership Internship Program, is meant to prepare new teachers with their first year of teaching in Philly.

So of course, the handbook has a guide for some common Philly sayings, including Jawn, Whiz, Yous and Down the shore. The slang words came from

You can read the entire list of slang words below:

Learn Our City

"Philly Slang"

1. Cheesesteak
Philadelphia's beloved sandwich made with sliced steak served on a long roll. Good for
breakfast, lunch or dinner.

2. Whiz
The gooey, cheesy deliciousness found atop a cheesesteak.
(Ex. What type of cheese should I get on my cheesesteak- American, provolone, or

3. Wit/Witout
How to order fried onions on your cheesesteak, meaning with or without the onions.
(Ex. Whiz wit means you will be getting a cheesesteak, smothered in cheese whiz and
topped with fried onions)

4. Yous
Philly Version of y'all
(Ex. What are yous doing later?)

5. Down the shore
Also known as 'The Jersey Shore.' These are the beaches on the New Jersey coast
and are the most popular vacation destination for Philadelphians.
(Ex. Can't wait to go down the shore this summer!)

6. Jimmies
No ice cream cone is complete without Jimmies, which are known to the rest of the
world as 'sprinkles.'
(Ex. Can I have a vanilla cone with rainbow jimmies?)

7. MAC machine
Money Access Center or more commonly referred to as an ATM.
(Ex. Where's the nearest MAC machine I need to get out money?)

8. Jawn
A noun to describe anything. A jawn can literally be any person, place, or thing.
(Ex. Can you pass me that jawn?)

9. Water Ice (Pronounced Wooder Ice)
A delicious summer treat that is synonymous with Italian Ice.
(Ex. It's hot out- let's go to Rita's to get water ice!)

10. Drawlin'
Acting out of character/Doing something that others don't approve of.
(Ex. If you don't come out tonight you're drawlin').

11. Boul
A word to describe a person.
(Ex. The boul over there has on fresh kicks.)

12. Ard or Aight
Philly slang for alright.
(Ex. Gotta go but I will see you later! Ard. Talk to you later.)

13. Wassup
Means "Hey" or "Hello"

14. Wack
Means "corny" or "dumb"
(Ex. Man, that's wack.)

15. Yo
Greeting or a question
(Ex. Yo! wass good bro!)
(Ex. Yo!? Why'd you do that?)

16. Ocky
Fake or not-authentic
(Ex. "Ayo ya timbs ocky")

17. Sawty
An word to express being wrong
(Ex. "I thought I was gonna make the bus but I was sawty.")

18. Finna
"To go," or, "Going to"
(Ex. "I was finna go but naw.")

19. Bet
A response
To assure or "yes"
(Ex. "Throw it, you won't" "Bet!")

20. Say less
Assurance or "understood"
Can be used in conjugation with bet.
(Ex. "Do you understand me?" "Bet, say less.")

21. Outta Pocket
"Out of line" or "acting up"
("My teacher gave me 2 hours of homework today, she outta pocket!")

22. Naw or Nah
No or nope
(Ex. "Can I get Pencil?" "Naw bruh.")

To read the entire teacher's handbook, click here.

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