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Philadelphia Rescue Crews, PECO Prepared For Potential Emergencies As Hurricane Isaias Barrels Closer

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- With 50 to 75 mile per hour winds and the potential for dangerous flooding, Hurricane Isaias will likely leave some of us without power, and flash floods could catch some off-guard. But crews are ready.

As Hurricane Isaias barrels toward our region, preparations are well underway to ensure any emergencies are handled quickly.

Philadelphia Fire Department Technical Rescue and Marine Battalion Chief Kamau Bright showed CBS3 some quick rescue boats.

"We operate these with three rescuers," Bright said.

philadelphia fire rescue boats
Credit: CBS3

Three are being deployed to high-risk flood areas throughout the city, doubling the current number of boats in operation so first responders can quickly reach those in distress.

"The members that are assigned to these boats go through months and weeks of training to learn how to deal with swift water and emergency boat operations," Bright said.

Jersey Shore Communities, Businesses Brace For Flooding, Gusty Winds As Hurricane Isaias Approaches

Bright says the key to staying safe during the storm is to stay inside if you can, and don't get near any large bodies of water.

"A large body of standing water could easily flood your car out and pick your car up and move it from where you want to go," Bright said.

"Our emergency operation center will be opening," PECO spokesperson Kristina Pappas said.

Pappas says crews are ready for whatever Mother Nature sends their way. The electric company has workers ready to restore power if high winds knock it out.

"We do have all our crews on hand -- we have our PECO employees, our PECO contractors and we're also bringing in additional contractors to help out," Pappas said.

"Stay indoors, stay safe and stay out from any running water or standing pools," Bright said.

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