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Philadelphia Politicians, American Federation Of Teachers Calling For More Funding To Help Reopen Schools

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The American Federation of Teachers is calling for more funding to help reopen schools safely in midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Union leaders and politicians are meeting Wednesday at the Lowell Elementary School in Philadelphia's Olney neighborhood.

The fight is about gaining massive funding for school districts across America. Some issues, especially in the City of Philadelphia have been more pronounced during COVID-19.

Too many students still have no access or lack of access to WiFi. The asbestos issue continues to plague a number of schools. There is also inequity, neglect and lack of a cohesive national plan to reopen schools safely.

In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, there's a $750 million deficit in the school system, which continues to cripple the cities that need the most improvement.

The Heroes Act was passed by the house 120 days ago but cannot get past the Senate.

Supporters, including Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney, are staunch advocates for resources children deserve.

And so, on the nationwide day of action for safe schools, they are supporting the Heroes Act.

"We can't open until we have these resources," American Federation of Teachers representative Randi Weingarten said. "Children are as important as Wall Street."

Advocates at the meeting today say denying any child a decent education is denying them an opportunity at achieving the American dream.

So they will continue to fight for the Heroes Act.

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