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Philadelphia Police Using Blocking Trucks, Drone For Mummers Parade

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Whether it's New Year's Eve celebrations or the Mummers Parade on New Year's Day, Philadelphia police say they are prepared to keep everyone safe.

Deputy Commissioner of Investigations and Homeland Security Dennis Wilson says when you ring in the new year, don't be stupid with celebratory gunfire.

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"It's completely reckless and very dangerous. Our Intelligence Bureau puts a lot of work into this, they know when it occurs and the areas in which it occurs historically," said Wilson.

They'll bump up uniformed patrols to those neighborhoods.

"If you're going to engage in that type of activity and we catch you, you're going to be facing serious charges," he said.

Wilson says for the parade, to ensure the safety of participants and the public, "all hands will be on deck."

"You'll see a lot of uniform patrols. We'll have plainclothes officers that you won't see. There are many layers of security," explained Wilson.

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Blocking trucks will be deployed.

"That's every large event now. Every intersection will have blocking vehicles off of Broad Street. The main viewing area will have larger blocking vehicles, and more of them," said Wilson.

Wilson says police will also be using a drone.

"We are using a drone this year. As far as I know, it's the first time," said Wilson.

The department has received clearance from the FAA to experiment with a drone.

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"You get an overhead view of the event. If something happens, you can zoom in on exactly what the problem is, maybe before an officer can get there," said Wilson.

And because of the frigid weather, there will be warming stations for the men and women in blue, for a quick break to warm up, and then get back there on the line.

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