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Philadelphia Police: Gunman Ambushes Five Men Hanging Out On Porch In Logan

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Philadelphia Police are searching for a gunman who shot five men on a porch overnight. It happened before midnight in the 4500 block of North 19th Street.

Neighbors in the Logan section of Philadelphia are on edge after a group of men hanging out on a porch were ambushed by a gunman.

Police say a fast-acting neighbor stepped in to help those men as shots rang out.

"The individual inside of the house was there working on his computer. He said he heard gunshots. Heard the shots. Saw people were shot on his porch. Did everything he could to help people into safety," Philadelphia Police Deputy Commissioner Ben Nash said.

The gunfire erupted on the 4500 hundred block of North 19th Street just before midnight.

Police say one gunman just walked up and opened fire.

It's still unclear why.

Police say there were no reports of any confrontation prior to the gunshots.

"Then there was a call for police. Police arrived, started taking people to the hospital. Others left on their own and made it to either Temple or Einstein," Nash said.

In all, five men between the ages of 31 and 53 were hurt.

Police say four of them are in stable condition, but a 34-year-old man was critically injured as he was shot twice in the stomach.

"This is an area that has seen some gun violence. It's another sad indication of what's going on," Nash said.

Police are still searching for the suspect. They're also looking for surveillance video that may help build a better description of the suspect.

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