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Philadelphia Police Raise Concerns Over Popular App, Pokemon Go

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Pokemon Go is a game that everyone is playing, but there could be a not-so-fun side to the new popular app. There are concerns about the game that is designed to bring people together.

They say what's old is new again and a certain generation is feeling nostalgic and turning to Pokemon for the fix. Yes, Pokemon is back.

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The game was released in July and quickly became the most downloaded app in the iTunes store. At Drexel University, that is not hard to tell.

Essentially the game is a virtual map of where you actual are. You're supposed to catch Pokemon at different locations. You have to walk to get there and that is creating some problems.

The main issue that we're having is that people are not looking where they're going," explained Sgt. Eric Gripp of the Philadelphia Police Department. "They're walking into the street. They're trying to get into some locations, businesses that may not want them inside of there. They're not there to purchase anything let's say but there are Pokemon inside of the place."

"I was at the beach over the weekend actually and I was crossing the highway and kind of playing of the game and I didn't get hit, but it was sketchy because I looked up after I crossed the street and said that was probably not a good idea," said Drexel student Tim Brant.

Police near St. Louis say they have had people using the game to lure victims to certain locations to be robbed. "I try to stay aware as I'm working on it," explained Ginny Price. "Whenever I see a Pokemon, I always stop and never try to keep walking and catch it at the same time."

The company released a statement saying that they are aware of these incidents and to encourage people to play with another person present, while remaining aware of your surroundings.

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