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Philadelphia Police Leaving 'No Stone Unturned' As Community Members Help In Search For Missing 2-Year-Old King Hill

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Philadelphia police are pleading with the public for information on missing 2-year-old King Hill. They say they're leaving no stone unturned in their investigation.

It's been nearly a week since the 2-year-old went missing and residents in the community have stepped up their efforts to find little King and they're taking to the streets.

"We're speaking to everyone. We're leaving no stone unturned," said Philadelphia Police Capt. Mark Burgmann.

The 2-year-old was reported missing by his stepfather last week after a babysitter told him that she had dropped off baby King at her mother's house.

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The babysitter told police she left the baby with King's mother -- a claim the mother has denied to police.

"We have the babysitter saying she turned the baby over. We have the mother saying no she did not," Capt. Burgmann said.

Last week, police said that someone is lying in this case, but that doesn't seem to have been resolved at this point.

'Somebody's Not Telling Us The Truth': Philadelphia Police Searching For Missing 2-Year-Old King Hill

It's a case of she said, she said as police work to get to the bottom of where little King is located, and the community is doing its part to help.

"I'm enraged that this community isn't enraged that a 2-year-old's been missing since Tuesday. I do what I do because I believe in the community, and I'm a community person," said search organizer Rick Ford.

On Monday afternoon, Ford organized a search for the toddler. The group searched for King in a trail near Strawberry Mansion but there is still no sign of the child.

"Anybody that hears my voice and knows where that little kid is, or anything, please contact the police department so we can find out where 2-year-old King Hill is," Ford said.

SVU says they've allocated several resources to this case and continue to work around the clock.

No one is in custody at this point.

They did mention a witness reported seeing King on July 4 -- a claim they are currently vetting.

But they have not located the 2-year-old to this point and are appealing to the public for any additional information.

"It has been a while now. It's been almost a week since the child has been reported missing, it's been more than that since the child has been seen so certainly I'm concerned," said Capt. Burgmann. "We remain very hopeful, but as I said, we're not going to stop looking until we find this child."

Officials say missing children continue to be the No. 1 priority for the department, and they'll continue looking for King.

Though there is no reward being offered at this time, police say they are looking into it. The FBI and state police are now involved in the investigation.

CBS3's Dan Koob and Kimberly Davis contributed to this report.

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