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Philadelphia Police Utilize Technology, Engaged Public, In Fighting Crime After Boston Bombings

by Jericka Duncan

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Since Monday's Boston marathon bombings, major metropolitan cities like Philadelphia have been in response mode.

"There's a lot of special units in center city that you see riding through center city," said Chief Inspector Joe Sullivan with the Philadelphia Police Department.

Ultimately the goal is to prevent another attack on innocent people.

Chief Inspector Joe Sullivan heads Philadelphia's Homeland Security Bureau and Counterterrorism division.

In the early stages of an investigation like the one in Boston, he says the community is crucial.

"First thing, interview as many witnesses as possible," said Sullivan.

"After that they're looking for video and cell phone traffic. We look at cell phone traffic to find out who had an active cell phone at a certain location at a certain time. The same thing is done over seas after a bombing in the Middle East. It's how we utilize technology."

In the case of the marathon bombing; no matter how much technology is available through video, photographs and police on the streets, Chief Inspector Sullivan says it's those who report suspicious packages, people, and behavior that will stop what happened in Boston, from happening here.

"The public realizes, much like citizens in Israel, that we do live in a different age," Sullivan said. "Police, law enforcement can't do it by ourselves. We have to have an engaged public."

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