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Philadelphia Parks Deploying Social Distancing Ambassadors To Preach Safe Practices To Contain Spread Of COVID-19

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Philadelphia Parks and Recreation has launched a new initiative. If you're out in popular park areas, like the Schuylkill River Trail, you may see social distancing ambassadors.

"I'd say less than 50% of people are not wearing masks," Alex Tabone said.

On a busy Sunday around the city, hoards of people were out for a jog on Kelley Drive or stealing some sun at the Schuylkill River. While it's not required by Pennsylvania to wear a mask outdoors, it's encouraged.

"Some people are wearing masks, some people not," Elana Meer said. "Some people six feet apart, some people not. I think it varies."

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The parks department has deployed some employees as social distancing ambassadors to popular park areas in the city to remind people to strap on a mask and keep their distance.

They're easily spotted in their reflective vests and face masks of their own.

social distancing
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"I think it's important to have these people here just to endorse social distancing and having their masks as well to hopefully stop the curve and comply," Tabone said.

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"From what I've seen, they seem friendly," Meer said. "They were handing out masks."

As well as literature to help keep you safe along with tracking park usage, trash and other needs.

It's unclear what sort of enforcement power -- if any -- these ambassadors have if one were to choose to not socially distance themselves.

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