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Philadelphia Mural Arts Program Teams Up With The Eagles For New Mural

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The Philadelphia Eagles and the Mural Arts Program officially unveil a new mural Thursday night by the stadiums on Darien Street.

Jane Golden, executive director of the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, says the new mural replaces one that was there previously.

"It was an old mural there of a young man throwing a football." says Golden. "The football went through every phase of his life and then at the end, he flies like and eagle. The new mural is a depiction of the team, of fans, of communities and really what it is emblematic of, is the deep connection that exists between the city of Philadelphia and the Eagles."

She says over 1,000 people helped paint the new mural in one way or another.

The mural, called "Our city, our team" is about the connection the Eagles have with the city of Philadelphia and their fans.

"We had paint days at the stadium." says Golden. "Fans came from all over the city and the region and participated in this project."

Golden says it was a huge project.

"It is 27,000 square feet. It is the 3rd largest mural our program has ever created and it's called, 'Our city, our team.'"

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