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Philadelphia high school student gives SEPTA bus new design

Philadelphia high school student gives SEPTA buses a new design
Philadelphia high school student gives SEPTA buses a new design 02:29

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Keep your eyes on the road! A SEPTA bus with a brand new, student-made design is coming soon to the streets of Philadelphia.

High school senior and graphic designer Taylor Houseman is known for paying close attention to details. Houseman's senior project is designing a custom bus wrap for SEPTA in Amanda Tees' advertising and design class at Mercy Career and Technical High School.


For several years, seniors have been tasked with giving a SEPTA bus a new look.

"It's more or so, the student design, it's student-driven," Tees said. "We want the students' work to be there. We don't want the teacher to do it, we want the kids to see their work."

Only two students were selected to work on this project, and Houseman was one of them this year.

When the wrap is completed and installed, the students are the first to see their designs up close and personal. 


Before designs go into production, SEPTA lets students know what must be included, like the transit company's website, certain pictures and their QR code. 

Every designer adds a personal touch, a signature, or something even bolder like Houseman did.


"There's a picture of me right here, wow, you know I did that," she said. "I contributed to that and I don't know, it'll just remind me of what I've done here."

The wrapped bus will likely hit the road in mid-April.

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