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LGBTQ+ softball league kicks off season in Philadelphia, celebrating its 41st year

Philadelphia LGBTQ+ softball league starts season with nearly 1,000 players
Philadelphia LGBTQ+ softball league starts season with nearly 1,000 players 01:49

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — An LGBTQ+ softball league kicked off their season this weekend.

Before the games began at the Dairy Fields in Philadelphia's Strawberry Mansion neighborhood, an opening ceremony took over the diamond.

"You can really feel like you could be at home, be yourself," softball player Rosie Driscoll said.

The City of Brotherly Love Softball League, now with nearly 1,000 players, is in its 41st year.

Lisa Schweizer has been with the organization for nearly that long.

"I stopped counting after I got too old," Schweizer said.

She's known as Spyke and was one of the first players to start on the women's team in the 1990s.

"We were received so affectionately by our male counterparts back in the day, and they just included us into everything," Schweizer said.

Driscoll is newer to the league.

"I joined for the first time last season, never played softball before in my life," Driscoll said.

In just a short time, she's not only gotten the hang of the game but she's felt the impact of the community.

"Folks who are even just a couple years or decades older than us really paved the way for us to be able to live our lives out," Driscoll said. "I feel lucky to have inherited that and do whatever I can to pass the torch a little bit."

Once the award ceremony and introductions wrapped up, it was time to play ball.

"It's just the passion of the game, the passion to do better each week and to be part of something bigger than yourself," Schweizer said.

No matter the skill level, it's a sport that's bringing generations of players together all for the love of the game and their community.

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