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Philadelphia Judge Orders Uber And Lyft To Cease Operations In The City

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A Philadelphia judge has ordered ride-hailing services Uber and Lyft to cease operations in the city.

Common Pleas Judge Linda Carpenter has ordered UberX and Lyft to stop operations in Philadelphia. The ruling comes in a suit brought by the Taxi Workers Alliance, which sought to block the temporary deal that allowed the ride-hailing services to operate during the Democratic National Convention. That legislation expired last Friday, allowing a revival of the suit.

Taxi Workers Alliance head Ronald Blount said he knows a true solution lies in any deal the legislature can adopt, when lawmakers return on the 17th.

"We know that this is short term. But it is our hope that the lawmakers will listen to not only Judge Carpenter, but Judge (Michael) Baylson from the Federal Court -- the things that are coming out about equal protection under the law, a level playing field and service to people with disabilities."

Blount said the judge's order indicates that if Uber and Lyft continue to operate, they could be held in contempt of court.

A statement from Uber said that given the unanswered questions around the order, the company has not yet decided whether to shut down in Philadelphia. Uber is also calling on lawmakers to adopt a ridesharing bill "as soon as possible."

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