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Philadelphia Honors Boyz II Men With Renaming City Street

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Philadelphia's original homegrown boy band "Boyz II Men" was recognized Saturday afternoon with a portion of Broad Street being named after them.

Philadelphia councilman Kenyatta Johnson says the Boyz II Men success story is a rags to riches story of inspiration for the whole city.

CAPA High School in South Philadelphia.
Credit: Hadas Kuznits

"When they got their record deal, it was like we all made it," she said. "It was like everybody from the neighborhood made it because Boyz II Men made it."

Nate Morris and his two band members were present at the unveiling of their new street sign in front of their Alma Matter the Philadelphia High School for the Creative and Performing Arts, or CAPA High school on Broad Street.

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So how does have a portion of Philadelphia named after you feel?

"I mean, it's one of those things you don't think about and when you see it, it kind of puts you in a different head space," said Morris. "I mean, growing up on these streets and then somebody puts your name up on the street sign is pretty special."

Boyz II Men at CAPA High School in Center City Philadelphia
Credit: Hadas Kuznits

Councilman Johnson says he hopes the sign will be a reminder to folks.

"The show you that every young person here in the city of Philadelphia can follow their goals, their dreams and their aspirations despite their zip code,"  he said.

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