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Philadelphia Approaching 550 Homicides With 2 Weeks Left In 2021

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- There have been 540 homicides in Philadelphia so far this year. That's an increase of about 13% over this time last year.

District Attorney Larry Krasner shared his concerns at a news conference on Monday.

"Between December the 10th and December the 18th, we had 163 gun or gun violence incidents," Krasner said. "57 arrests were made by Philadelphia police, so the arrests are being made, more or less, at a rate of about 35 percent of those cases. Of the 57 arrests made by police, the DA's office opened and charged 56 of those cases, so we are charging them at a rate approximately at 96 or 97 percent."

Krasner again also expressed his support for the elimination of cash bail -- arguing that those who are a bona fide threat should be held, and those who are not, should be released.

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