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Philadelphia Freedom(s): How Billie Jean King Inspired Tennis Team Name And An Elton John Hit Song

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Billie Jean King needs no introduction. She holds 39 Grand Slam titles and is considered one of the greatest players every to play tennis.

She is also a founder of World TeamTennis. King says she loves Philadelphia.

"I've been coming here since I was 15, I love it," King said. "I was the first person drafted in World TeamTennis and I was drafted by the Philadelphia team, but I also got to choose the name ... I loved the word freedom -- I always have, even as a child. So I said 'that's easy, it's going to be' -- actually I did think about 'liberty' as well -- 'no, it was the Freedoms."

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Elton John's famous song "Philadelphia Freedom" was written for King and the team.

Watch the full interview for more from Billie Jean King.

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