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Philadelphia Food Organization Says Hunger Is Hitting More Middle Class Families

By Paul Kurtz

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The anti-hunger organization Philabundance has kicked off its annual Hunger Action Month food drive with some sobering new statistics.

The US Department Agriculture says 50 million people went hungry last year.

"It confirms what we've been seeing, that the situation is not getting any better yet -- in fact, it's slowly decaying," says Philabundance president Bill Clark (below).

clark_bill philabundance _kurtz
(Philabundance president and CEO Bill Clark. Credit: Paul Kurtz)


Clark says that in Pennsylvania, one in eight households now suffers from food insecurity.

In the Delaware Valley, he says, more than 900,000 people don't get enough food.  And Clark says it's no longer just those living below the poverty line.

"The bottom of the middle class is being forced to reach out and get assistance," Clark tells KYW Newsradio.  "Their income has not kept pace with inflation, and they're being squeeze in a vise.  They just cannot get through the month."

Philabundance is asking folks to help out in a number of ways: by donating money or food, organizing a community drive, or taking part in the "Fill A Plate, Give A Meal" campaign.
"With 50 cents we can acquire a meal that we can provide people," Clark says, "so for every dollar you get two meals."

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