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Philadelphia Flower Show: Get Out Of The Snow, Come Smell the Tulips

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Before the snow takes center stage, some visitors moved up their trips to the Philadelphia Flower Show to smell the tulips, where it's "spring in Holland," and organizers say they are not altering plans because of the forecast.

In front of one of the elaborate displays of tulips, one group that's been to Holland remarked they were delighted to take it in, saying "boy, we're going to have to hustle with the crowd today. We're hoping that the weather people are wrong, still."

There was a noticeable surge in attendance on Monday, a day before the snow arrives, as one visitor remarked they "could not miss the blockbuster show," as the Netherlands has quite a history when it comes to cut flowers and bulbs, not to mention windmills.

WEATHER BLOG: Philadelphia Region Expected To See 6 To 12 Inches Of Snow 

Sam Lemheney, chief of shows and events for the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, says as long as the city remains open, the Flower Show will run.

"It is spring here. we have spring in Holland," and referencing the recent forecasts Lemheney said, "it's early in the week, so we're not too worried about it."

Lemheney says none of the tickets are timed stamped. "So, if you have a ticket, hold onto it and come anytime you want," he said.

You can also purchase tickets at the door.

Some tour operators have pushed back their trips to later in the week.

"We had a number of groups coming in that have changed their nights. So, we're working with everybody so that they can still come and enjoy this show," said Lemheney. "It might be white outside, but it's definitely colorful inside the flower show."

Another tip: if you brave the snow and take public transportation, SEPTA's Regional Rail line stops at Market East, and you can hop off and make your way there, without going outside. The Market-Frankford El stop is also nearby.

The show runs through Sunday.

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