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Philadelphia Fire Department Awarded $2.6 Million Grant

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The Philadelphia Fire Department has been awarded a federal grant to better train firefighters on how to get themselves out of deadly situations.

This grant was awarded after deficiencies were found in the Fire Department's training, specifically resulting from the death of Lt. Joyce Craig in a 2014 fire.

Commissioner Adam Thiel says the money will go toward special equipment and training time.

"For getting people out of tight spaces, getting down from heights, and really, how do firefighters self-rescue and how do we take care of our own," said Thiel.

Each firefighter will be equipped with a bail out rope and harness system.

"This really is about practice, and practice makes perfect," said Thiel.

FEMA is providing the cash for this initiative, and Thiel says there are more grants in the pipeline.

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