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Philadelphia Family Reunited With Long-Lost Dog After Over 2 Years: 'He's The Boss In The House'

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A Philadelphia family has been reunited with their long-lost dog. Now, they're sharing their emotional journey and how technology made the reunion possible.

Two years and three months -- that's how long Ted was missing. As soon as the owner got the call, she showed up at the animal hospital within minutes.

"He's the boss in the house," Renee D said. "We really missed him."

But now they're together again. Back in November 2019, Teddy and the other family dog Mimi were in the backyard when they both went missing.

"I believe someone stole them from my yard," Renee said.

Renee searched far and wide, going as far as Coatesville to track a lead.

"I was so depressed," she said.

On Friday, she got an unexpected call. It was the Philadelphia Animal Hospital.

A good Samaritan found Ted sitting on her front porch shivering and brought him in.

"I was just trying to find something to put on and I was crying," Renee said. "I was just crying. My daughter said, 'mom, you're crying!'"

There's a lot of sentiment behind Ted. Renee's mother was infatuated with the pooch. She died from cancer only months after spending time together.

"Every day she rubbed him and played with him and talked to him," Renee said.

Where Ted spent the last two-plus years is still unknown, but doctors at the animal hospital say he's quite healthy.

"I think he was in pretty good condition. Just had some mild skin issues," Dr. Morgan Agnew said.

While Ted's microchip helped confirm his owner, Mimi remains missing.

For now, Renee is optimistic.

"Keep hope alive," she said.

If there's one takeaway from the story, microchip your pets.

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