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Philadelphia Election Officials Lay Out Plans To Make Sure Voters Have Proper ID Come November

By Mike Dunn

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- After last week's court ruling upholding Pennsylvania's controversial Voter ID law, election officials in Philadelphia are scrambling to make sure voters do have proper ID come November's presidential election. On Monday, they laid out their plans.

Democratic City Commissioner Stephanie Singer, whose office oversees all elections, opposes the Voter ID law, but told reporters that in her view, last week's ruling is unlikely to be overturned by the state Supreme Court on appeal.

"Really those possibilities are slim," said Singer.

So she said her office is seeking volunteers in efforts to educate Philadelphians about the law.

"Anyone with ideas, time, money, please contact my office."

Singer can be reached at 215-686-3460, or

Meantime, Jerome Mondesire of the NAACP said his group has opened a phone bank to get the word out.

"Roughly 700,000 people will be contacted by volunteers from as far as away as Beaver County, Washington, PA., Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Altoona."

In Mondesire's words, "No person who does not have an ID will be left untouched" by his groups outreach efforts.

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