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Young Philadelphia Eagles fan recreates "Brotherly Shove" play in viral wedding reception video

Young Eagles fan re-interpret brotherly shove at wedding reception
Young Eagles fan re-interpret brotherly shove at wedding reception 02:03

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A wedding video is getting pretty popular on social media because of a young Philadelphia Eagles fan. He re-interpreted the Eagles' short yardage play -- the "Brotherly Shove" -- aka the "tush push" and brought it to the dance floor.

"It was football season, and I wanted to think of something cool," Armando Costello Jr. said.

Nine-year-old Costello Jr., of Ridley Park, was the ringbearer last Saturday at his uncle's wedding. But his father, Armando Sr., said no one knew how the groomsmen would kick off the reception.

"My son, who is actually pretty shy, but you couldn't tell by the video," Costello Sr. said. "He kinda whispered to me, 'Hey, we should do the tush push.'"

The moment was captured in this video reposted by the Philadelphia Eagles.

Armando Jr. and his mother Michelle said the execution took teamwork.

"They kind of helped me get up and then I just like dove over them," Armando Jr. said.

The clip now has hundreds of thousands of likes on Instagram.

"I couldn't believe he came up with that, and it turned out great," Ryan Roberts said.

Newlyweds Ryan and Rachel Roberts are from Springfield, Pennsylvania, and were so happy with the celebration that they told CBS Philadelphia about it while on their honeymoon in Antigua.

And of course, they are Eagles fans.

CBS News Philadelphia

"We both love sports, and we always make sure to get at least one or two Eagles games a year and it's just something we love doing together," Rachel Roberts said.

They are thrilled with this priceless gift from the little boy who might have just scored his very first trip to a game.

"He has never been to a game yet," Michelle said. "He's hoping to, but one day."

Kim Hudson: "What will it take for him to earn his way into a game?"

Michelle: "I think we already did what we did to earn that spot."

It looks like there will be more celebrations to come. 

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