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Eagles' Receiver A.J. Brown Surprises Fans At Cherry Hill Pro Shop With His Jersey

CHERRY HILL, N.J. (CBS) -- Two Eagles fans bumped into Eagles' new wide receiver A.J. Brown and walked away with more than just a great story.

The fans met Brown at a pro shop in South Jersey and the Eagle made sure they left sporting No. 11.

It sounds like the beginning of a lame joke. Two Eagles fans and a New England Patriots fan walk into the Eagles Pro Shop in Cherry Hill and now, they're on TV.

"We were actually on our way out and he walked in and it was really cool. He's a really cool guy," Shane Natanni said.

Natanni is talking about new Eagles wide receiver A.J. Brown, a 2020 Pro Bowler, who on paper, arguably became the team's best player -- we love you, Darius Slay -- the day he was traded here in late April.

But did the three fans know it was him?

"Unfortunately, my brother's friend is a Patriots fan so he had no idea who he was talking to so I educated him real quick. But after that we all knew who he was," Natanni said.

Then this happened.

"We were in there and he said, 'Hey, man. Go get a jersey on us.' And to be honest, I didn't think he was for real and then after, he really did. He bought us three jerseys. Even for the poor Patriots fan, he still bought a jersey for him," Natanni said.

But wait, there's more.

"He was super cool. He signed for all three of us, he signed my friend's hat. He was really nice I'm glad he's an Eagle," Natanni said.

Natanni graduated from Lenape High School in Mount Laurel. His mom graduated from Shawnee in Medford, but they've spent the last 10 years in Fort Myers, Florida. Eagles fans from afar now with a memory based on a chance encounter to last a lifetime.

Brown has spent the three months since getting traded to the Eagles working out with his quarterback, defending him on Twitter, and now randomly gifting fans jerseys. All this and he hasn't even scored his first touchdown yet. I'm thinking Eagles fans are gonna like him just a bit.

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