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Philadelphia Councilwoman Modifies Lead Paint Testing Bill To Address Critics


By Mike Dunn

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Politics as the art of compromise was very evident today in Philadelphia City Council, with the apparent resolution of a dispute over a plan to require more lead paint testing in rental buildings.

Landlords had been up in arms over Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown's plan that would force them to conduct lead paint testing each time new tenants moves in.

Now, Brown has amended the plan so that such testing would only be required if the new tenants have children age six and under.

Darryl Zaslow of the landlord association HAPCO says his organization is now on board.

"We have yet a great many concerns.  Yet this is a compromise, Madame President, that we will do our best to implement successfully," Zaslow told City Council president Anna Verna today.

Also on board are child advocates like Colleen McCauley of Public Citizens for Children and Youth.

"We didn't get everything we wanted for kids.  At the same time, we see that the bill in its current form continues to be a step forward to help protect them from being permanently damaged," she said.

A final vote is expected next week.


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