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Philadelphia Community Comes Together To Support Andy Chan, Police Officer Severely Injured In January Accident

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Nearly one year after a devastating crash almost cost a Philadelphia police officer his life, the community came together Thursday to support Highway Patrolman Andy Chan's family and his recovery. It's the most wonderful time of the year, but for families like the Chans, the Philadelphia Police Department is hoping to make their holidays a little brighter.

"Tonight, all the proceeds are going to Andy Chan," said John Kitzinger, first deputy chief with the Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office. "Highway Patrol Officer Andy Chan, who suffered a serious injury in this past year."

Back in January, the 24-year veteran of the Philadelphia Police Department's Highway Patrol was on his motorcycle when he was struck by a minivan.

Investigators believe it was an accident, but 11 months later, Chan's wife says he's still recovering.

"To us, every little sign of life is so important," Teng Chan said. "Whether it's a chuckle or a reaction, a smile or for him to just blink in acknowledgment of what we're saying."

On Thursday, Philadelphia police held its annual holiday party at The Plough & the Stars and raised money for the Families Behind the Badge Foundation.

The foundation supports fallen and injured officers and their families. This year's proceeds will go to Chan's family.

"Just to know that his heart was still beating after the accident, that they knew he still had a pulse and he was still breathing, there was hope," Teng Chan said, "and we're going to keep that hope."

"We're hanging in there," sister Serena Chan said. "We're very hopeful. We have to stay strong for everyone."

As the Chan family keeps a positive attitude, they say Philadelphia police and the community has played a big role in that hope.

"I can't even thank them enough, they're so amazing," Teng Chan said.

Chan says her husband is in a minimally conscious state and he still has about two to three years left of recovery.

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