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Philadelphia Children's Alliance Renews Partnership With Several City Agencies

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The Philadelphia Children's Alliance has renewed partnerships with several agencies in the city to make life as easy as possible for child victims of sexual abuse.

There were more than 3,300 reported cases of sexual abuse last year, and The Philadelphia Children's Alliance served more than 2,000 of those victims at the facility beside SVU on Hunting Park Avenue.

"It's vital that police and child welfare and prosecutors and medical and mental health professionals all work together," said Chris Kirchner, Executive Director of the PCA.

He says they all strive to make the process as easy as possible so kids don't have to tell their stories over and over again to each agency.

"The community responds in a collaborative way that puts the child at the center of the investigation," Kirchner said.

Police commissioner Richard Ross praised the work of the PCA and is excited to renew the partnership for another five years.

"I think, in a lot of ways, they're trendsetters. They're proving to do things in a wonderful fashion for young children," Ross said.

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