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Philadelphia Businesses Boarding Up In Anticipation Of Possible Election-Related Violence

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- There is anxiety among retailers as we prepare to count the votes. Stores around the region are boarding up in anticipation of election-related violence.

It may seem like a business district devastated by a recession or a depression even, but this is what Center City looks like one day before the election.

Philadelphia Businesses Boarded Up
(credit: CBS3)

On Monday night, dozens of businesses boarded up, foreshadowing some major concerns on Election Day.

"Maintaining open lines of communication including sharing of intelligence is a key to election preparedness," said Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw.

She says that includes using all resources possible.

"Coordinating very closely with the Delaware Valley Intelligence Center or DVIC, the DA's Election Task Force, the State Police, the FBI and the other federal partners that are collecting data so we can be ready in advance of potential efforts to disrupt an orderly and safe election," Outlaw said.

The National Guard and Philadelphia police are also taking posts throughout the city, including in the Port Richmond section of the city.

That's where major looting and theft took place last week after the police shooting death of Walter Wallace Jr.

As members of the Pennsylvania National Guard protected a shopping district devastated by looting, a thank you came from the ProPac, the Port Richmond On Patrol and Civic Association.

"If you live in this community, we've been shut off now," said ProPac President Ken Paul.

On Election eve, with so much uncertainty over what will happen tomorrow, free hot meals were given to the men and women here to protect the city.

"So anyone who has been serving us and helping us try to keep the peace, and take care of the neighborhood we want to say thank you and tonight we're doing that by feeding them and hopefully bringing everyone together," Paul said.


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