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Philadelphia Banking Executive Gives Advice To Job Seekers

Senior Vice President, TD Bank Group and Regional President, Metro PA/NJ Market, Michael Carbone oversees commercial and retail services and profit centers, consumer and commercial lending and government banking within the market. Carbone received Rowan University's Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society Award and was named by Rowan University as a "Distinguished Alumni" at the 2014 commencement ceremony. He graduated from Rowan University with a Bachelor of Art degree in economics, and also has accreditation in advanced financial analysis from the University of Michigan, which he acquired in 1987.

(Photo Courtesy of Michael Carbone)

When hiring for your company, what do you look for in an employee?

"We seek out talented professionals who are tenacious, who have a desire to win, and more than anything – we want to build teams that will be valued by our customers. Banking today is about relationships, and we look for candidates who are willing to put the time and effort into building genuine relationships with their customers and possess the knowledge to become a valuable and trusted advisor to that customer."

 What advice would you give to someone entering into your field?

"Be willing to work hard, willing to learn and seek out opportunities that stretch your capabilities. By varying your background and experiences, you'll build an excellent foundation and understanding of all facets of the banking world. In fact, I started my career in retail floor planning, followed by work in collections and then was accepted into a large bank management and credit development program. I spent my early years ‎asking as many questions as I could and attended as many training seminars as I was able to – it was critical for me to learn as much as possible early on."

 What changes have you observed in the past year as far as business growth and hiring practices are concerned?

"Commercial banking is a competitive industry and in order to recruit and retain the best in the industry it has become more and more important to give something back to employees – whether that's offering basic work/life balance, employee development opportunities or recognition and rewards. The banking industry has been through much adversity in the past eight years, but recognizing the hard work of our employees and our successes, both small and large, help make for a more rewarding work experience overall. At TD Bank, one of our guiding principles is to "be an extraordinary place to work." This is all about how we develop, reward, include, support and interact with employees at every level, and it's what has helped to set us apart from other banks."

 What is the median salary for a position in your field?

"The salary range can vary greatly depending on experience and the specific position. Entry level bankers may start out at an hourly wage, while those with several years' experience may earn well into six figures. As with any position, have an honest dialogue with the recruiter or hiring manager to set your salary expectations at the beginning of your job search."

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