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Philadelphia Anti-Blight Group Blasts Plan For Ads On City School Buses

By Mike Dunn

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A group devoted to reducing or eliminating outdoor advertising in Philadelphia is, perhaps not surprisingly, up in arms over a City Councilwoman's proposal to slap ads on yellow school buses in the city.

The plan introduced by councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown would have advertisements plastered on yellow school buses, something that Reynolds Brown estimates could bring in an extra $1 million a year to the cash-starved Philadelphia School District (see related story).

But Mary Tracey of the anti-blight group "SCRUB" says the buses should be sacrosanct.

"It's a school bus!  I mean, it's like going into your school," Tracey said today.  "These are special buses carrying our children.  And it's really compromising something that has long been held sacred."

But Reynolds Brown points out that a sizable number of other cities and states already allow ads on buses, with the revenues benefitting the schools.

Her proposal requires approval at both the city and state  levels.

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