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Phila. Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey Takes The Stage At TEDx

By Alexandria Hoff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- If you haven't heard of a TED talk, it's a forum where industry leaders share "ideas worth spreading." A local version of that took place here in Philadelphia called TEDx – but instead of the typical tech-genius or media mogul, Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey took the stage.

"…With Liberty and Justice for All," the crowd of over 1,000 pledged together inside of Temple University's Performing Arts Center Thursday.

Those last three words set the tone and title for the event.

"All it takes is just a few videos to change the entire dynamic," said Ramsey.

In light of many controversial incidents involving police nationally, Philadelphia's highest ranking officer was given just 18 minutes to provide his take on "Justice for All."

"We have as much of a responsibility to protect the rights of those that have committed or have been accused of a crime that we have to law abiding victims citizens who are just victims of it," he said.

Prior to a standing ovation there was a standout moment when the Commissioner recalled a conversation he had in his youth with a colleague, on how police should serve their citizens.

"He said, 'Do what you have to do as a police officer but never do anything to take away from that person's dignity or self-respect because that is all they have left and they will fight you to hold on to that'."

"Justice For All" was a day-long event with 14 speakers addressing crowds in four different sessions.

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