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Phila. DA Urges Students To Speak Up If They See Bullying

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) --  Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams went back to school Thursday with a message about the consequences of bullying.
The district attorney minced no words as he told the fourth graders at the William Cramp Elementary School in Kensington that bullying can change lives for the worse. He urged them to speak up, tell teachers, parents, pastors and others when they see it.

Williams says going out to speak to students is really part of his mission of crime prevention. "It really helps start a dialogue about how to prevent crime, how to resolve conflict," he said.

Jaime Marchesani, school-based teacher leader at Cramp, says the youngsters get it. "They appreciate someone keeping it real. So that, that they do understand and they do see that he understands where they're coming from and what they've dealt with as a child," Marchesani said.

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