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Philadelphia Councilman Standing Firm For Calling Christie A 'Fat [Expletive]' On Twitter

By Mike Dunn

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A Philadelphia city councilman is making no apologies for calling New Jersey Governor Chris Christie a "fat ass" in some tweets Sunday night.

The councilman was fuming that the guv sat with the owner of the Dallas Cowboys Jerry Jones at Lincoln Financial Field during the Eagles game.

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Councilman Jim Kenney was also at the Linc, not far from the skybox wherein sat Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones and his guest, Cowboys fan Chris Christie.

"I could see him myself, high-fiving Jerry Jones and cheering on the Cowboys against the Eagles," Kenney recalls.

And that prompted Kenney to send several tweets, calling Christie "a fat ass," accusing him of "kissing Jerry Jones' ass" and "kissing Texas' ass for 2016," an allusion to a potential Christie presidential bid.

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This morning, Kenney had no regrets.

"When you're across the river from Philadelphia as a neighbor, you should have a little more common sense and a little more respect for the rest of us," Kenney told KYW Newsradio this morning.

Neither does Kenney regret using the term "fat ass."

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"I have a big nose.  He's got a fat ass.  It's what life deals you," Kenney said.

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