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Phila. Board Of Ethics Fines Former City Commissioners' Employee 

By Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Philadelphia's Board of Ethics has fined a former City Commissioners' employee for soliciting and accepting a tip for work that was part of her job, among other violations.

The action is a milestone for the board.

Executive Director Shane Creamer says the board has worked out 90 settlements with politicians and employees in its nine years as watchdog, but this is the first time they held a full hearing because the alleged violator denies the charges.

The case involves Tracey Gordon who worked for former Commissioner Stephanie Singer.

The board found Gordon suggested and accepted ten dollars from a constituent she helped as part of her job.

"It's not quite a bribe, there's no quid pro quo, but you can't accept any kind of gift or money for performing or not performing your job."

Gordon was fired two years ago. She ran, unsuccessfully, for state rep and city commissioner, last year, but has since relocated and could not be reached for comment.

The Board determined she also engaged in political activity and obstructed their investigation and fined her 2,200 dollars.

She can appeal to Common Pleas Court.


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