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Pete Prisco: No Question Sam Bradford Is 'Better Than Nick Foles'

By Ray Boyd

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- CBSSports' Pete Prisco joined Josh Innes and Tony Bruno on Innes and Bruno on Tuesday afternoon. The conversation began with the other quarterback prospect making news, Jameis Winston.

Winston is the consensus number one pick on most experts' boards and the Florida State prospect had his pro-day on Tuesday.

"It was good. It wasn't great," Prisco said of Winston's pro-day performance. Some experts described the outing as "ho-hum," which Prisco characterized as being too harsh of an assessment.

LISTEN: Pete Prisco joins Josh Innes and Tony Bruno to discuss the Eagles off-season moves

"I think sometimes we put too much stock into these things," Prisco said of pro-days. He referenced the not-so-good pro-day performance of Teddy Bridgewater prior to last year's draft and the fact that Bridgewater went on to have a productive first season in the NFL.

Prisco also broke down Marcus Mariota who is the quarterback prospect Eagles fans are a little more familiar with and who is expected to be the second quarterback to come off the board at the draft.

"He's got a good arm. There is no question about that," Prisco said of Mariota. "I just think in [Oregon's] system at times, he was asked to do things that were easy.

"For every five NFL throws Jamies Winston made [Mariota] probably made two."

Prisco was addressing the fact that Mariota may not have the NFL type throws on tape in the abundance that Winston does, but that may be a product of the fact that he was not asked to make those type of plays as often in his team's offense.

"You're going to have to wait a year or two," Prisco said of when we'll find out if Mariota can meet the demands of an NFL offense. "Unless somehow he ends up in Philadelphia, then I think he fits with what they want to do."

Prisco went on to acknowledge the fact that Chip Kelly's offense has had a similar effect in that it makes it easy for quarterbacks and offensive weapons to produce numbers, but he warned that in today's NFL, opposing teams always figure things out.

"Right now I think Chip's ahead of them," Prisco said of his offense against opposing defenses. "But, they're going to figure it out."

The Eagles also announced the signing of Miles Austin on Tuesday. The 31-year-old wide receiver comes to the Eagles following the departure of Jeremy Maclin who just wrapped up his most successful season in the NFL.

"That's a weird signing," Prisco said of the Austin deal. "He's not awful, but he's nothing special and he's not the answer to their problems."

Prisco also critiqued the Eagles signing of cornerback Byron Maxwell. "Personally I wouldn't have signed him for that money," Prisco said of Maxwell's reported 6-year, $63 million deal. "Byron Maxwell is the back up singer who is getting lead singer money and the question is can he sing when he gets to the front of the stage. I wonder about that."

Prisco also supported the notion that the Eagles panicked to replace McCoy when they allocated free agent dollars to DeMarco Murray and Ryan Mathews when they could have added to the running back position in the draft.

Prisco gave some insight into the Eagles current starting quarterback, Sam Bradford. "He's better than Nick Foles," Prisco said. "I don't think there is any question about that."

"Sam Bradford might be one of the most competitive human-beings you'll ever be around," Prisco added. "If he's the quarterback, and they don't draft Mariota, I think Sam Bradford will be better for the Eagles in the long run than will Nick Foles."





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