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Philadelphia preschool transforms into airport to promote bilingual learning, leadership skills

Philadelphia preschoolers transform school into airport with 22 destinations
Philadelphia preschoolers transform school into airport with 22 destinations 00:47

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Preschoolers in Philadelphia got to travel around the world as the school became an airport with 22 destinations. 

The students at Pequeños Pasos de ASPIRA Preschool in the city's Oak Lane section dressed as tourists and traveled from classroom to classroom, each representing a unique country. 

During the two-day event, the preschoolers started the day checking in at the front office-turned-airport with passports in hand to be stamped by staff.

Scott Hezlep, CBS3

They then traveled to each classroom converted into countries for a cultural education tour of each nation's traditions, music and food.

Hands-on learning activities included exploring a rainforest and volcano areas.   

The event aimed to promote bilingual learning and future leadership - a goal close to Pequenos Pasos de ASPIRA's school motto of "Creating Bilingual Community Leaders." 

School Director Erika Medina  Scott Hezlep, CBS3

"We want to incorporate all of the community. We want the students to know and understand that we include everybody" school director Erika Medina said. "They learn how to welcome people as they belong to the community." 

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