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Light Voter Turnout Reported In Philadelphia For DA, Controller Race

By Cherri Gregg

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- It's Election Day in Philadelphia with the races for District Attorney and City Controller.

Pennsylvania's Voter ID law is not in effect-- and won't be until a court decides its constitutionality. And whether or not you were asked to show photo ID this Election Day, depended on where you went to cast your ballot.

Reporter: "Did you show your ID?"

Lawrence West: "No."

Reporter: "Did they ask you to show your ID?"

Lawrence West: "No."

West is a longtime voter at a recreation center near 12th and Susquehanna Avenue.

"It was wonderful, no problem. Everything went good without a hitch," West said.

For Miss Francine, the process went smoothly at her polling place at 13th and Jefferson. But the elderly voter says she had a scare last week after hearing voter ID ads.

"I rushed my son to take me to the license place to get my ID," she says, noting that she believed she needed the ID to vote. Luckily, she says folks at PennDOT let her know she didn't need one.

"Thank God we didn't have to worry about it," she says.

Renee McNair Judge of Elections at Yorktown Arms in North Philadelphia says the turnout was low at her polling place where nearly 1,000 voters are registered.

"It's been pretty slow," she says, "and with this pretty weather out here...I don't know what's been stopping people."

Turnout in Philadelphia for today's election is expected to be less than 10 percent.

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